Welcome to Xenxnex Portal’s Blog Site

The Xenxnex Portal (www.xenxnex.com)

Xenxnex Portal is mobile and portable devices optimized.

Welcome to our blog. The Xenxnex blog is the companion blog site on WordPress.com and is published and maintained by the Unified Media Publishing Company (UMPC) .

What is Xenxnex?

Xenxnex.com is a portal, made up of dozens of  interconnected sub-domains. Xenxnex is an aggregation engine / directory service. It collects information and links to useful links from other websites and presents them to you in a way that is both easy to read and use on your mobile devices (such as smartphones, tablets and netbooks). It is developed using Responsive Web Design (RWD) layouts just so it can be .

Xenxnex Portal has been designed to be mobile friendly from the ground up. Its built around an optimized, scalable engine designed for cloud computing. The Content Management System has been developed for low bandwidth and processor requirements (faster load speed and performance) .

Our Technology

We are proud to say that we make full use of HTML5 based Client Side Technologies such as webworkers, local storage, session storage and canvas along with of JavaScript Libraries (such as jQuery, Dojo and others) along with some powerful CSS3 fatures (selectors, preprocessors).

Our Server Side Technologies includes Nodes.js, Silk.js and PHP  solutions in the cloud. Our state-of-the-art Assurity™ security platform, which we share with our sister companies Anrares.com and Oogolvy.com provides our users with a more secure experience.

Our long term goal is to provide our visitors with a superior user experience by developing a balance solution between client side optimization of the footprint and usability. Most of the sites which we post also have mobile versions.

Enjoy your visit.

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